Zabeel Park

Not only is Zabeel Park one of the largest parks in Dubai, but it’s also one of the first technology-driven green spaces in the region. The spacious park is home to one of the area’s top attractions, the Dubai Frame, where visitors can enjoy incredible views of both the older and newer neighbourhoods of the city.

A venue with many sporting options, you’ll find a pedestrian path, jogging track and fitness centre here. Otherwise, take your pick from mini-golf, cricket, skating, skateboarding and a BMX track.

Things to do at Zabeel Park in Dubai

Equivalent in size to 45 football fields, this tranquil spot is located in the centre of the city and is popular for a children’s amusement complex and expansive ‘edutainment’ centre.

The park offers live music, barbecue and picnic areas, food kiosks and boat rides. It also hosts seasonal flea markets and large exhibits like the Dubai Garden Glow during the cooler months, with plenty of all-year-round facilities to enjoy, like the mega-bowl, galleries and a variety of sculptures.

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