Jameel Arts Centre

Jameel Arts Centre is an independent arts institution in Dubai dedicated to engaging communities through its exhibitions and programming. It is open-access and free for all, and offers a variety of programs for people of all ages. The Centre also has a landscaped garden, a library, and a shop.

Jameel Arts Centre was founded in 2018 by Art Jameel, a non-profit organization that supports artists and creative communities in the Middle East. The Centre’s mission is to “foster a more vibrant and engaged cultural landscape in the region.”

The Centre has also produced a number of public programs, including talks, workshops, and performances. These programs have been designed to engage a wide range of audiences, from art lovers to families with young children.

Jameel Arts Centre is a valuable addition to the cultural landscape of Dubai. It is a place where people can come together to experience art, learn about different cultures, and engage in creative dialogue.

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