Alaya’s Hidden Speakeasy

Alaya’s Hidden Speakeasy

Golden Age glamour gets a dose of playfulness, with LY-LA, an exclusive, sequestered speakeasy, hidden beneath Alaya, helmed by world-renowned Chef Izu Ani. Alaya serves an elegant twist on Mediterranean cuisine with Middle Eastern flavours in DIFC, with LY-LA hidden below, an intimate and exclusive late-night haunt where mischief and secrets take centre stage. LY-LA is only accessible through Alaya as a continuation of the journey begun upstairs. A place where Dubai’s most distinguished gather under one roof.

With its bedouin-inspired interior, signature cocktails and luxury fizzes, LY-LA is a perfect way to complete a true DIFC night out. Savour a Hakawati Gimlet that paints dreams on an enraptured heart, or set sail on the Arabian vessel with a Dallah Negroni. End the night by igniting ancient secrets with the Apple of Crete or dance on shimmering waters with a Nile Mirage. Let each drink weave a tale of wonder.

Explore the region’s rich flavours with each sip, harmoniously blending with the carefully curated music selection of afro, melodic, and organic house music, embracing the sounds of Middle Eastern instruments.

Journey along the Mediterranean with LY-LA’s four resident DJs: DJ Anjel on Sundays and Mondays, DJ Ray Ro on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, DJ Erika on Thursdays and DJ 3amgeroge on Fridays and Saturdays.

Discover the secret within Alaya and step into a world of late-night revelry and mystery at LY-LA.

Open daily from 10 PM to 3 AM, LY-LA provides a secluded escape for those in the know.

For reservations please visit or contact . Contact number: +9714 570 6289