Arif Patel (Arif Umarji Patel) – Respected Dubai Pioneering Businessmen

Arif Patel (Arif Umarji Patel) – Respected Dubai Pioneering Businessmen

Arif Patel is one of the respected Dubai Pioneering businessmen. Born in Dubai, He is the founder, owner and chairman of Preston Trading, a well known company for its work in mining, engineering, oilfield services, and oil and gas exploration and production. Mr. Arif Patel was born on July 12, 1985, in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and from an early age, he demonstrated a strong creative energy.

Arif Patel Preston completed his primary education in Dubai and just after his schooling, he and his family together moved to Preston, UK in 2010. This decision made a significant turning point in his life. He had an early interest for technology in his work and following his interest, he continued his education in the same field which laid the foundation for his prosperous career.

His Childhood Journey

Arif Patel grew up in Dubai, where he developed his genuine love for technology and its potential in business. After he with his family moved to Preston, he continued his studies at the University of Central Lancashire, Patel earned a bachelor’s degree from the institution but his thirst for knowledge pushed him to enroll in Edinburgh’s Heriot-Watt University to continue his education & learn more, where he studied petroleum engineering and earned his master’s degree. His school background gave him the specialized knowledge that would later be crucial to his success in the oil and gas industry.

His Leadership at Preston Trading

After his studies, he followed his passion towards his entrepreneurial journey and founded Preston Trading. It is an international company in many industries such as mining operations, engineering solutions, and oil and gas exploration influenced by his love for entrepreneurship. As the company’s creator, owner, and chairman, Patel established the foundation by leveraging his leadership and strategic vision to position Preston Trading for success across industries.

His Career and Accomplishments

After his successful journey at Preston trading, Arif Patel contributed significantly and co-founded The UK Group, a successful UK-based business and holds a significant position at Preston Trading. he did not stop there, since 2012 he is serving his responsibilities as a CEO of ABC Capital in Dubai, where he showed his exceptional administrative abilities and a keen understanding of global business trends. Mr. Patel worked hard and put his efforts to take his business to new levels and showed his ability for identifying new opportunities and fostering economic expansion through smart collaborations and initiatives. During his journey at ABC Capital his leadership has played a vital role in making the company a trustworthy financial sector partner.

His Appreciation and Contribution

Arif Patel has earned numerous awards for his contributions to the business. He has also been nominated as one of the Top 10 Best Investment Company Executives as well has received recognition for his vision, leadership qualities, and level of respect that he has shown in the business industry. In addition to being well-known as an inspirational leader in the global business community, Patel’s reputation has been cemented by his ability to oversee difficult financial situations and foster long-term, steady growth.

His Leadership’s Principles and Method

Arif Patel is an internationally recognised leader for his moral conduct, talent, and his empowerment  work that he has done at the workplace. He is a well known public figure who established a cooperative workplace that rewards creativity and motivates people to realize their greatest potential. He is a strong proponent of lifelong learning and development, seeing it as crucial to both professional and personal development.  In fact, he extends his commitment beyond business success to encompass social influence on the community, as he actively supports initiatives that benefit the community.


Throughout his journey from his native Dubai to Preston, he has made an international reputation for himself as an entrepreneurial leader in and out of the oil and gas industry. Having an exceptional ability, he was the one who created and executed revolutionary business concepts. Apart from his professional achievements, Arif Patel’s legacy has been defined with his commitment to ethical leadership and societal advancement.