Dubai HR Expert Publishes Book Tackling Employee Engagement Crisis

Dubai HR Expert Publishes Book Tackling Employee Engagement Crisis

As the hot button issue of employee retention post-pandemic rages on, an award-winning Dubai HR expert has published a book she hopes will equip regional workplaces with the tools they need to create a thriving work environment – and hold on to their team members.

Beyond Employee Engagement by Kristina Vaneva offers a unique perspective on employee experience within the Middle East, using real life examples gained from her high-profile HR roles in some of the country’s biggest companies.

The book aims to tackle the current problem seen globally of employee dissatisfaction – exacerbated by the pandemic – which has led to terms such as ‘quiet quitting’.

According to a shocking Gallup State of the Global Workplace report, low engagement costs the global economy around US$8.8 trillion, or 9% of global GDP.

To fight this worrying trend, the book explores how workplaces can craft an exceptional employee experience, starting from the attraction stage with employer branding and employee advocacy. The journey continues through pre-boarding, onboarding, continuous employee engagement, growth, performance, and finally offboarding.

Beyond Employee Engagement also delves into positive organisational psychology, internal communications, rewards and recognition, wellbeing, culture, and how getting these aspects right affects the customer experience.

Vaneva commented, “Employees who feel that their workplaces invest in their experience and help them to grow, while making them feel like valuable members of the organisation, will become advocates of the brand. This leads to better customer and investor experiences and enhanced customer satisfaction – ultimately resulting in greater profitability. This book also shows that from a corporate social responsibility perspective, companies that invest in their employee experience not only retain staff but help create happier human beings, more engaged families, neighbourhoods, communities, and ultimately a better society.”

Beyond Employee Engagement (Passionpreneuer Publishing) is available on all major online retail platforms including Amazon and Barnes& Noble, and Kobo.

It will also soon be available in all major bookstores across the UAE.