Elder Square To Set New Standards In Senior Healthcare

Elder Square To Set New Standards In Senior Healthcare

Elder Square is a groundbreaking senior community and health daycare center in Dubai, emerging from a vision to enhance elderly care standards. Alongside its medical services, Elder Square provides a lively environment where seniors can enhance their social life and health, standing as a testament to Dubai’s commitment to eldercare services.

Tamara Binladin, the founder of Elder Square, is setting a higher standard for how we take care of our seniors. Through Elder Square, she demonstrates that we can provide them with the necessary care while ensuring they remain connected and active. Tamara Binladin expressed her excitement about this journey, stating “ To me, Elder Square is more than just a place for seniors to receive care; it’s a place where they can flourish and remain active members of society, moreover,  it’s a new way to care for seniors and bring them closer to the community”.

Located in Dubai, UAE, Elder Square provides a secure and nurturing environment designed for senior adults to maintain their independence. The center offers a range of health services, such as regular health check-ups, medication management, and immediate access to a skilled team of professionals including physiotherapists, nutritionists, orthopedic specialists, general practitioners, and nurses. This ensures that each member at Elder Square receives top-quality, holistic medical care. As the UAE’s first dedicated healthcare center for individuals aged 60 and above, Elder Square is in line with Dubai’s ambition to become a global healthcare hub. The facility offers a complete continuum of care, featuring an outpatient geriatric medical center, advanced day care, rehabilitation facility, and various exercise and recreational services.

Furthermore, members are not only provided with top-quality medical care, but are also welcomed into a warm and inviting social gathering. Elder Square fosters connections and a sense of community among seniors, offering a dynamic calendar of mentally and physically stimulating activities, providing an array of activities and events to keep both minds and bodies active. With caregivers who speak a variety of languages, Elder Square is committed to inclusivity, ensuring that every member feels at home and part of a diverse and culturally rich community. 

This launch signifies Dubai’s commitment to exceptional eldercare services. Elder Square invites the community to join them in celebrating this milestone and encourages tours and visits to experience their innovative facility first hand.