Enjoy A Scrumptious Breakfast By The Seaat The Beach, JBR This Dubai Food Festival

Enjoy A Scrumptious Breakfast By The Seaat The Beach, JBR This Dubai Food Festival

Head down to The Beach, JBR, this Dubai Food Festival to indulge in a scrumptious seaside breakfast. With over 20 restaurants offering specially curated menus and exclusive deals, visitors are promised an unparalleled morning dining experience. Enjoy a delightful meal while taking in the breathtaking views of the Arabian Sea—the perfect way to savour the morning!

Here’s what on offer:


Enjoy the Middle Eastern region’s flavours with the Awani Signature Tray, featuring a variety of options such as hummus, foul, butter, jams, cheeses, and olives. Visitors can also add eggs prepared their way, a vegetable plate, and their choice of manakish (zaatar, cheese, or lahm b ajeen) for two people, all for just AED 85 and available daily until 12:00pm.

Bake my Day

Head to the Dutch Bakery from Amsterdam, Bake my Day for a Middle East Breakfast at the cost of AED 85, a Moroccan Breakfast for AED 110 – AED 120, a BMD Breakfast for AED 85, and an English Breakfast for only AED 95.

Bla Bla

Bla Blaat The Beach, JBR is offering a delightful breakfast experience with a set menu priced at AED 65. Choose from a selection of options including omelette, avocado toast, egg muffin, acai bowl, pastry basket, or upgrade to the full English breakfast for an additional AED 25. Customize your meal further by adding tea, coffee, fresh juice, Mimosa, or Bloody Mary for AED 20 each. This offer is available every day from 8:00am to 11:30 am.

Bombay Bungalow

Transport to the vibrant streets of India with breakfast trays, available daily from 8:00am to 12:00pm. Select from the South Indian Breakfast Tray for AED 54, featuring your choice of dosa or uthappam, served with sambhar, fresh fruit cuts, and a refreshing freshly squeezed juice. Alternatively, indulge in the flavours of North India with the exclusive Breakfast Tray, also priced at AED 54, including aloo bhaji, yogurt, fruit cuts, freshly squeezed juice, and paratha.

Catch 22

The social contemporary eatery, Catch 22 is offering a Fully Loaded Breakfast along with the customer’s choice of coffee or fresh juice for AED 75.  

Claw BBQ at Pavilion at The Beach, JBR

Revel in the beautiful sea views every Saturday and Sunday from 8:00am with the multi-award-winning all-American BBQ joint’s breakfast club to start your day in the most delicious way. Enjoy favourites such as Eggs Benedict, fluffy pancakes, The Big Boy and more starting AED 37.

Eataly at The Beach, JBR

Eataly invites guests to experience a slice of Italy with distinct menus tailored for weekdays and weekends. On weekdays, the “Pasticceria della Colazione” menu offers freshly baked pastries daily starting AED 15, including the “Cornetto Classico,” a crisp golden croissant; the “Bombolone alla Crema,” a classic fried Italian doughnut stuffed with custard cream; and the “Fagottino al Cioccolato,” a delicately rolled pastry filled with luscious dark chocolate. 

During the weekends, Eataly presents the “Colazione” menu, featuring exquisite choices such as “Toast d’ Avocado alla Caprese,” with toasted bread layered with avocado, tomato, and mozzarella; “Bruschetta con Ricotta, Fichi, Miele e Prosciutto,” a harmonious blend of ricotta cheese, figs, cured ham, and honey on toasted bread; and “Toast di Uova Strapazzate,” our bruschetta bread topped with stracchino cheese cream, smoked salmon, and scrambled eggs. Weekend menu items begin at AED 50.

La Mezcaleriaat Pavilion at The Beach, JBR

Discover the vibrant flavours of La Mezcaleria’s breakfast options, available Sunday to Friday from 12:00 pm to 5:00 pm and delve into the A La Carte Menu offering a variety of choices. Delight in “The Not-So-Early-Bird” package at AED 60 per person, featuring any breakfast item with complimentary coffee or tea.

For a lavish spread, opt for “The Breakfast Buff” package at AED 135 per person for 2 hours, granting unlimited access to the breakfast menu alongside coffee or tea & juice. Treat yourself to “The Boozy Suzy” package at AED 195 per person for 2 hours with an all-you-can-eat breakfast menu, pastries, coffee or tea & juice, as well as Mimosas or Bloody Mary’s.

Operation Falafel

Operation Falafel offers a comprehensive breakfast tray for AED 75, featuring a diverse selection of flavours. The tray includes a choice of Manoushe alongside scrambled eggs, foul, hummus, cheese sambousek, grilled halloumi, falafel, labneh, fresh bread, vegetables, zaatar, jam, Nutella, tarator dip, and butter. Each breakfast is complemented with open tea, making for a fulfilling start to the day.

Smoky Beach

Smoky Beach offers two tempting breakfast options:

CONTINENTAL BREAKFAST TRAY -AED 50: Pick your favourite pastry from options such as bread, sourdough with jam and butter, zaatar croissant, almond croissant, pistachio croissant, or chocolate croissant. Pair it with a dessert choice of mini acai, mini granola, or a mini fruit salad. Refresh yourself with a juice selection of orange, mango, lemon mint, or watermelon, and complete your meal with a hot drink of tea or coffee.

BREAKFAST COMBO – AED 50: Customize your breakfast with eggs cooked to your liking – sunny side up with hashbrown, scrambled with veggies and bread, poached, or in a tasty omelette. Enjoy a dessert option of mini acai, mini granola, or a mini fruit salad, along with a refreshing juice choice of orange, mango, lemon mint, or watermelon. Complement your meal with a hot drink of tea or coffee.


Revel in a delightful assortment featuring your choice of eggs (Shakshouka, omelette, sunny side up, or scrambled), accompanied by kashkaval cheese, halloumi cheese, feta cheese, hummus, labneh, butter, strawberry jam, and tahini molasses with the Yalseh Breakfast Tray for AED 85 or experience a traditional.

Enjoy the English Breakfast for AED 75 with sourdough bread and your choice of eggs (scrambled, sunny side up, or omelette) and explore additional delights such as beef bacon, baked beans, hot dog frankfurter, roasted tomatoes, roasted mushrooms, and potato hash browns.

Vinci Ristorante

Relish the special offer every Sunday from 11:00 am to 3:00 pm at Vinci Ristorante with the two-people menu for AED 199. To avail of this offer, please book your table online in advance here.


The Turkish Lebanese ZouZou provides an Arabic breakfast menu for AED 89 and a Turkish breakfast offer for AED 89. As well as a Royal breakfast for AED 249. For further details on offers, visit www.thebeach.ae, and stay tuned by following @TheBeachDubai on social media.