Etika Jewels Introduces AI Generated Jewellery Designs And Models In Collaboration With Bright River

Etika Jewels Introduces AI Generated Jewellery Designs And Models In Collaboration With Bright River

Homegrown fine jewellery brand Etika Jewels has partnered with Dutch AI solutions provider Bright River to introduce hyper-realistic computer-generated images to the brand’s e-commerce platform. This groundbreaking partnership signifies the future of e-commerce retail and aims to transform the way customers can experience Etika Jewels pieces on the web, as they are shown hyper realistic AI generated jewellery designs on AI generated models. This approach allows for a more precise display, bridging the gap between virtual browsing and tangible beauty of the pieces, along with better understanding of the piece’s size and proportions.

Customers can enjoy a lifelike, realistic shopping experience with this new innovative partnership. The use of AI can help showcase jewellery in diverse settings on a range of models, leading to more informed purchase decisions. As a brand committed to championing innovation and changing ethical standards in the jewellery industry, Etika Jewels consistently partners with a range of organizations and consistently works with novel, state of the art technology that transforms the way fine jewellery is bought.

“Based on detailed 3D CAD designs, Bright River is able to craft hyper-realistic computer-generated images using state-of-the-art artificial intelligence techniques. This innovative approach not only eliminates the necessity for conventional photography but also allows Etika Jewels products to be elegantly displayed on virtual models with great precision.” Says Martijn van Weede, Bright River’s Client Success Director.

“We are beyond excited to partner with Bright River to introduce AI generated models to the Etika Jewels e-commerce experience.” Says Basma Chaieri, founder of Etika Jewels. “Together, we are dedicated to innovation, quality, and sustainability, striving to modernize the online shopping experience, and revolutionize how customers interact with their jewellery pieces on the web.” She adds.

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