Experience The Flavors Of Diwali At Signature

Experience The Flavors Of Diwali At Signature

Indulge in the Diwali festivities at Signature by Sanjeev Kapoor in Canvas Dubai Hotel for just AED 49 per person. Diwali at Signature is a feast for the senses where the menu is carefully curated for a culinary celebration of the Festival of Lights. Start with Semolina Puchkas, a Signature twist on Pani Puri, and relish the Puy Lentil Chat with avocado and spicy dressing. Samosa Chaat offers a medley of crushed samosas and chutneys.

Experience the flavors of India with iconic dishes like Hazratganj Ki Fruti Chaat, featuring clay oven-roasted fruits with zesty lemon and coriander chutney. Dive into the nostalgic Papdi Chaat from Old Delhi, served with tamarind pulp and saffron lassi. Try the Kurtan Chaat Aminabadi, crispy fried potatoes with raw mango relish.

Savor the exquisite Dhai Bhalla, white lentil dumplings with sweet tamarind sauce and saffron yoghurt. Don’t miss the iconic Vada Pao and assorted Bajji’s and Kathi Rolls along with Maharashtra’s pav Bhaji, and Bengal’s Jhal Muri. 

End your meal on a sweet note with our Indian Sweet Platter featuring Kajukatli, besan laddu, rasgulla, gulab jamun, and badam ka halwa.

When: 6 – 16 November 2023

Where: Signature by Sanjeev Kapoor

Cost: AED 49 per person