Golden Hour At Alaya, Difc

Golden Hour At Alaya, Difc

Alaya, DIFC, is pleased to invite guests to its newly launched Golden Hour at Alaya. Every Monday to Friday, from 5PM to 7PM, Alaya will be hosting an aperitivo time where guests can expect to receive a complimentary bar bite with every drink ordered.

Explore the ‘Lost Oasis’ with its tropical and floral flavours, or discover the ‘Gates of Petra’ as it takes you on a tangy and umami-filled journey. Each cocktail on the menu is inspired by the concept of Alaya, a woman exuding sublimity and beauty, who sets forth on a journey. In a realm of imagination, Alaya invites you to sip into the narrative of their bar.

With an array of choices, pair each tale of travel with one of Alaya’s bar bites. Whether it be the Potato Harra or Fried Calamari, allow each bite to transport you to the Oriental Coast of the Mediterranean Sea.

Golden Hour at Alaya is the perfect way to unwind after a long day, in a serene and elegant atmosphere. Guests can savour the remarkable cuisine and drinks by Alaya’s opulent bar.

Make Alaya’s Golden Hour your weekday ritual crafted for pure delight, with flavours and creations that will transport you. Let the tale guide you on your own adventure, where every drink is a page of this story to exotic lands.

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Contact number: +9714 570 6289