Investors Eye On Developing World’s First Esports Island In UAE

Investors Eye On Developing World’s First Esports Island In UAE

The world’s first esports island is coming to the United Arab Emirates with True Gamers, a company in the gaming industry, investing $280 million in its development. If this is launched and completed, this will be the first-ever esports island in the United Arab Emirates and the world.

Investors are looking into developing this infrastructure between the Al Bandar and Al Dana developments along the Raha beach as said by Vlad Belyanin, the co-founder of True Gamers.

The island has four major parts, namely: the Digital Tower, TG Arena, GG Bootcamps, and GG Resort.


The island is equipped with different infrastructures that have its own purpose:

Digital Tower – This will be a business hub that offers modern workspaces and many more.

TG Arena – This will be the pinnacle of the island, aimed to host international gaming tournaments and accommodate thousands of fans who will be watching. This may give you a big chance to meet your favorite professional players in person, plus, this may enhance the esports game in the Arab region.

GG Bootcamps – This will be equipped with advanced facilities such as high-tech computers, advanced analytical tools, and designated sleep and rest areas.

There has been no information on the date of its completion and other additional details, but this is definitely something to look forward to.