Lights, Lasers, Action! Adventure Island JBR Launches On May 15th

Lights, Lasers, Action! Adventure Island JBR Launches On May 15th

Adventure Island JBR, an indoor adventure arena, is set to wow Dubai residents, as it opens its doors for the first time in JBR.

Located in Bahar Plaza, Al Gharbi Street, Adventure Island JBR unveils unique interactive gaming experiences like PIXEL and Laser Island.


A unique gaming concept where our immersive LED floor comes alive, and your objective is to tread on the dynamically changing shades to score big but beware of the sizzling reds! PIXEL is designed to accommodate 6 players per 2 rooms.


Engage in heart-pounding laser tag battles at Laser Island. With action-packed game formats, realistic special effects, and space for up to 24 players, it’s an experience worth having with your team of choice.

Marwan Shazali, CEO of Adventure Island Group, said: “As Adventure Island Group, the umbrella company of multiple successful brands, our dedication lies in providing diverse entertainment concepts which cater to individuals of all ages. Adventure Island is all about teamwork and fun. Whether you’re competing with friends or joining forces with family, our challenges are designed to bring people together for an exciting adventure.”

Commenting on the launch, Ayman Abdelrhman, Managing Partner at Adventure Island Holding Company, said: “Adventure Island JBR will bring a tidal wave of excitement to guests from near and far. With the introduction of PIXEL and the arrival of Laser Island in Dubai, we eagerly anticipate our guests’ reactions. We hope everyone enjoys themselves, marking the beginning of their newfound favorite entertainment hub.”

Age Limit and Price:

  • Adventure Island JBR caters to individuals of all ages above the age of 6 yrs.
  • Prices for Laser Island and PIXEL start from AED 59 per player for 15 minutes and AED 99 per player for 30 minutes.

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