March Activities At Theatre Of Digital Art

March Activities At Theatre Of Digital Art

Immerse yourself in exciting experiences across art, concert, and wellness.


Senses Sync: Lamina & Stereorama

Embark on a multisensory journey through the spectrum of human emotions at Senses Sync. Decoding the language of emotions through digital art, this pop-up exhibition portrays the biological and chemical changes that occur during emotional experiences. From joy to sorrow, each digital creation reflects a different aspect of the human experience.

Date & Time: 1.03 — 3.03 / Selected Showtimes

Gaudi x Klimt

Celebrate the genius of Art Nouveau visionaries, Antoni Gaudi and Gustav Klimt, in an immersive ode to their iconic designs. From the towers of Sagrada Familia to the radiant colors of The Kiss, step inside masterpieces that bring their visionary designs to life in breathtaking detail.

Date & Time: 4.03 — 31.03 / Selected Showtimes


Oasis of Melodies

Canadian piano virtuoso Sanaz Sotoudeh brings the world’s most beloved classical compositions to life against a 360° natural oasis. Experience the harmonious fusion of music and nature.

Date & Time: 9.03 / 20:00

Sounds of Sufi

Immerse yourself in a sound journey through the profound wisdom of the greatest Sufi mystics with artists Fadi Rifaai (vocal), Sandu (tabla), and Zahi Saba Ayon (keyboard).

Date & Time: 16.03 / 21:00

Immersive Suhoor

Join TODA for a captivating Suhoor experience at 360°, filled with live music, traditional flavors, and an Arabic-themed digital art backdrop.

Date & Time: 23.03, 30.03 / 21:00

Dreams of Rumi

Embark on a spiritual journey through the life of Rumi at 360°. From a fusion of authentic music and poetry to mystical Sufi whirling, witness the transcendental wisdom of Mevlana Jalaluddin Rumi.

Date & Time: 31.03 / 21:00


Immersive Meditation

Take an immersive journey into yourself at TODA’s Breathwork Meditation Session with certified meditation facilitator Elisabeth Bohler. Explore inner reflection with lights, sounds, and breathing techniques.

Date & Time: 11.03 / 20:00

Youthful Flow

Rediscover your inner vitality and radiance with certified yoga instructor Yana Smith. This immersive class, set against a backdrop of 360° art, is designed to make you feel more youthful, vibrant, and alive.

Date & Time: 28.03 / 21:00

Sound Healing 360°

Experience the healing power of gongs, singing bowls, mouth harps, didgeridoo, and ocarina in a soothing meditation session led by certified sound therapist Sagar Dugani. Take a mindful pause and bounce back stronger.

Date & Time: 13.03, 26.03 / 21:00

Meditative Ceramics 360°

Take a mindful pause and dive into a world of mindful creation with certified instructors Asma and Rita. Center your mind as you shape and mold clay, unplugging from the fast pace of daily life and focusing solely on the present moment.

Date & Time: 17.03 / 21:00

Cacao Meditation 360°

Calm your racing mind, take a mindful sip of pure ceremonial-grade Cacao, and embark on an immersive journey back to self with wellness expert Dr. Lanalle Dunn. Experience spiritual awakening at 360°.

Date & Time: 22.03 / 20:00

Full Moon Meditation

Align yourself with the universe at 360°. Tap into the transformative energy of the moon with guided meditation, breathwork, sound healing, and visualization led by certified sound therapist Vera Kamaeva.

Date & Time: 24.03 / 21:00