Moonslice Collaborates With Mudhouse Studio For An Exclusive Candlelit Sensory Workshop

Moonslice Collaborates With Mudhouse Studio For An Exclusive Candlelit Sensory Workshop

Moonslice, Dubai’s most celebrated gourmet pizzeria, has partnered with MudhouseStudio to host a unique candlelight ceramic workshop. The workshop encourages creativity and relaxation and includes a feast of delicious Moonslice pizzas.

The three-hour event offers a chance to mingle before the workshop to get creative juices flowing and share ideas over a slice amongst the group, prompting connection and fulfilment in trying something new.

The highlight of the evening is the hands-on ceramic class led by experienced potters from MudhouseStudio Dubai. Participants will get to try the wheel throwing technique, a fundamental method in pottery that involves shaping clay on a spinning wheel. This interactive session will teach the basics of ceramic creation and provide a meditative experience, engaging the senses of taste and touch in a truly unique way.

Whether your favourite pizza is the signature Local Honey with ricotta cheese and grated walnuts, the melt-in-the-mouth Short Rib smothered in BBQ sauce and grana padano, or the timeless MS secret topped with mozzarella, fior di latte and truffle, you can sample a selection of the Moonslice menu at the event.

The candlelight setting will enhance the serene and reflective nature of the workshop, encouraging guests to tap into their creativity and mindfulness. Whether you are a seasoned potter or a curious beginner, this workshop promises a rewarding and sensory-rich experience.

Join an unforgettable evening where delicious food meets artistic expression. Limited spots are available, so reserve your place for this exclusive workshop.

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