ROKA Dubai Presents ACurated Negroni Week Experience

ROKA Dubai Presents ACurated Negroni Week Experience

ROKA Dubai invites cocktail enthusiasts to celebrate Negroni Week, where the craftsmanship and creativity of the ROKA bar teamis showcased, serving up unique twists on this classic cocktail, from 18th – 24th September.

Embark on a journey of bold flavours with ROKA’s limited edition menu with five specialized Negroni twists and one Americano, all priced at AED 50. For those who love something strong, Negroni Salvaje is a must-try – the cocktail brings together Vida Mezcal, Altos Tequila, Summer Berry Lillet Rouge, and Aperol, with a touch of Absinthe that will kickstart your evening.On a slightly lighter note, Negroni Verde gives a fresh and slightly fruity experience with Plymouth, basil-infusedLillet Blanc, Suze, Rosemary Distillate and Apricot, or for a Spritz alternative with added depth, Kessho is a perfect concoction with Monkey 47, Prosecco Cordial, Lillet Rouge and Campari.

A special edition ROKA menu wouldn’t be complete without the inclusion of contemporary Japanese ingredients; Kokochi, blendsLillet Rouge, Aperol, Coconut & Lychee Soda. Or the Sakura San, is a delicate mix of Ki No Bi, Umeshu, Lillet Rose, and Campari balanced with Sakura to replicate the essence of Japan in a single glass.Chocolate on the Coastis arich digestif with MalfyArancia, Grand Marnier, White Chocolate, Lillet Rouge and Campari to give a smooth, sweet texture to end the evening.

Gather your friends and experience a harmonious reinterpretation of the classic negroni with a contemporary ROKA twist.

When: 18th– 24th September 2023
50 AED per drink