The Lighthouse Presents Its Signatures Dishes: Inspired By The Eastern Mediterranean And The Levant

The Lighthouse Presents Its Signatures Dishes: Inspired By The Eastern Mediterranean And The Levant

The Lighthouse, a cornerstone of Dubai’s vibrant dining scene since 2017, presents its signature dishes, showcasing Mediterranean-inspired delicacies that draw from natural and local flavours. Since its inception, The Lighthouse has stood out for its blend of casual yet refined dining. The venue is known for pioneering a more relaxed, yet sophisticated service style that has since become widespread.

Drawing inspiration from the Eastern Mediterranean and the Levant, The Lighthouse menu features sharing dishes perfect for leisurely breakfast, extended lunches and casual dinners. Signature dishes include Puy Lentil Salad with Pickled Vegetables, to start. The dish features peppery Puy lentils, often used in Mediterranean and Middle Eastern dishes for their ability to hold up well in salads and stews. The addition of tangy pickled vegetables, a nod to traditional preservation methods in Turkey and the Levant, introduces vibrant flavours that enhance the earthy lentils. Another favourite is the Baked Feta Drizzled with Cretan Honey and Topped with Zaatar and Cumin Dukkah. Combining several hallmark ingredients of the Eastern Mediterranean, the dish features Greek feta cheese baked to soften its texture and intensify its flavours. Drizzling Cretan honey over the warm feta adds a layer of sweetness, balanced by the aromatic spices of zaatar and cumin dukkah.

From the mains, the Falafel Souvlaki in Homemade Pita Bread pays homage to the beloved Middle Eastern street food. The Lighthouse’s version presents falafel in a souvlaki style, typically associated with Greek cuisine, and served in homemade pita bread. The Grilled Lamb Chops with Tzatziki, richly flavoured lamb chops, are grilled to perfection. The cucumber and yoghurt sauce, Tzatziki, provides a refreshing contrast, a pairing classic in Greek cuisine but enjoyed throughout the Eastern Mediterranean region.

For dessert, the venue presents The Lighthouse Umm Ali. A traditional Egyptian dessert akin to bread pudding, The Lighthouse’s creative twist uses croissants, adding a buttery richness to the dish. This modern adaptation honours the essence of the Umm Ali while incorporating a touch of French pastry influence, reflecting the innovative spirit of Eastern Mediterranean cuisine.

The Lighthouse’s use of fresh ingredients and emphasis on traditional flavours with contemporary twists ensure a memorable dining experience that captures the essence of the region’s culinary excellence. Guests can expect a holistic experience that intertwines exceptional food, a vibrant atmosphere, and a celebration of design and creativity.