The UAE’s most extravagant oyster 99 Dubai’s “Imperial Pearl Oyster”

The UAE’s most extravagant oyster 99 Dubai’s “Imperial Pearl Oyster”

This summer, 99 Dubai indulges in a lavish culinary affair with a dish, excessive in every way: the “Imperial Pearl Oyster”, which marries two premium ingredients from homegrown brands @DibbaBayOysters and @Italtouch. 

On the one hand, the much loved, locally and sustainably produced pearls of the Persian sea, on the other, a rare golden albino caviar hand-picked by the illustrious @TruffleMan and named as a premonition: 24K – 999.9. 
Over the past month, International Culinary Director Ruben Guerrero has embarked on a quest for the very best ingredients to create 99’s new summer indulgence. In honor of his long-standing relationship with local hero oyster farm Dibba Bay Oysters, Chef Ruben Guerrero headed out at sea, sampling the perfectly balanced gems from the pristine waters of Fujairah.  He chose their caliber n°2, for its perfect size, tender flesh, delicate sweetness and pleasant iodine. 

Keen to find the perfect match for this beautiful oyster, he followed the advice of Dubai legend Massimo Vidoni, aka “Truffle Man” and selected a rare, unique and resolutely surprising albino beluga caviar from Ars Italica: a golden jewel from the sterlet sturgeon, in the albino variety, a rarity native to the Volga, Ural, Danube and Caspian Sea.  The neat and suave eggs are of a unique pale gold color, with unmistakable nuances of pine nuts and a graceful brackish aroma… at no less than 8000 euros per kilo.

The result?  A distinctive creation of higher taste, with the cherished oyster foamed in a cold tomato consommé, sharp aojiso and coriander oil, mint, crushed black pepper and crowned with 24-carat leaves of pure gold. To enhance the tasting experience, the delicacy is served with a revamped clear white Bloody Mary.

The Imperial Pearl Oyster is available this summer, at 99 Dubai | AED999 | 3 oysters