TODA’s Immersive Tribute To The Iconic Artist: Frida Kahlo

TODA’s Immersive Tribute To The Iconic Artist: Frida Kahlo

Theatre of Digital Art presents an immersive tribute to Frida Kahlo “Viva La Frida”, inviting audiences to discover the art and story of one of the most inspiring female artists of the 20th century. Running from May 8th to May 31st, selected showtimes will allow viewers to delve into Kahlo’s world and experience her remarkable journey firsthand.

Through TODA’s immersive experience, audiences can explore the most intimate moments of Kahlo’s life, from triumph to tragedy, expressed through her iconic art in 360°.

From her renowned self-portraits to surrealistic depictions of pain and resilience, each brushstroke reveals untold stories of unyielding spirit and indomitable will.

Frida Kahlo’s life serves as a testament to strength, courage, and creativity. Despite facing physical disabilities, navigating a turbulent marriage, and challenging the norms of her time, she unapologetically embraced her unique identity and left an indelible mark on the art world. ”We believe that Frida Kahlo’s story—as both a woman and an artist—was remarkably ahead of its time and continues to be profoundly relevant today,” states Daria Prodaevich, Managing Director of TODA. “Her resilience, creativity, and the bold expression of her identity resonate deeply in contemporary discussions about art and social justice.”

Through TODA’s immersive tribute, audiences can delve into the depths of Kahlo’s artistry, experiencing firsthand the power of her self-expression and the resonance of her work in today’s world. Join us at selected showtimes from May 8th to May 31st for an unforgettable digital ode to one of history’s most influential artists.