Zitya The Boho-Chic Restaurant That Connects The Spirit Of Ibiza And Rhodes Celebrates The Opening Of Its 2nd Season In New Partnership With Addmind Hospitality

Zitya The Boho-Chic Restaurant That Connects The Spirit Of Ibiza And Rhodes Celebrates The Opening Of Its 2nd Season In New Partnership With Addmind Hospitality

This year, Zitya proudly announces its partnership with ADDMIND Hospitality, a dynamic UAE-based hospitality group led by CEO Tony Habre. Following their first announcement of CLAP Restaurant opening in Ibiza this summer 2024 , its first location in the Balearic island, ZITYA marks their second venture in the island this season.

ADDMIND, known for its innovative and boundary-pushing venues, has expanded its portfolio to 23 venues across the MENA region and is growing internationally with up to 10 more set to open in 2024. This partnership marks a significant milestone in ADDMIND’s international expansion and commitment to offering unique and unforgettable experiences in the hospitality and lifestyle industry.
Once home to the iconic Naïf the legendary 90s’ club frequented by the likes of Mick Jagger Elle Macpherson and Kate Moss Zitya inaugurates its second summer season of 2024 to blend one more time the authenticity of the famous Mediterranean islands Ibiza and Rhodes by the hands of the Lebanese-born and London-based hospitality entrepreneur Omar Abdel Khalek.
Located in a traditional Ibizan finca just a short drive from the Ibiza Town on the road to Saint Josep – KM3, Zitya is a tribute to the hedonistic nature of island life in Taste Sound and Spirit built around the name of a sensual tree found in the idyllic Valley of Butterflies on the Greek island. Designed by the Parisian Studio PINTO the place draws its inspiration from the property’s heritage with decorative natural and simple materials like rattan chairs, mosaic tabletops, cotton and linen fabrics—the perfect setting to delight into a nostalgic and enchanting atmosphere.

The unique taste of Zitya is a magical blend of Mediterranean flavors, featuring Greek olive oil, Turkish spices, Lebanese BBQ, and locally sourced Spanish seafood and ingredients. This contemporary take on traditional Aegean cuisine weaves together the rich culinary traditions of Greece, Turkey, and the Levant. Indulge in our Lobster Orzo pasta with Molokhia and Aegean lemons, or savor the modern reinterpretation of the classic Lebanese veal kebab, adorned with cherry sauce. Our dishes, created by renowned chef  Carlos de Los Mozos, is designed for communal enjoyment, embody the essence of friendship and celebration under the Mediterranean stars.

The open-air patio covered with plants and leafy trees gives the enchanting feeling of being in a greenery oasis that has been growing naturally for decades. Its beautiful design and expansive area is the perfect spot to share memorable summer nights with family friends or partner under the glimmering lightbulbs hanging from the olive trees.

Within the patio, a chic Bar & Lounge area where skilled mixologists craft an exclusive menu of bespoke cocktails combining regional herbs, fruits and flowers in creative combinations enhancing the culinary experience of Zitya. This space welcomes up to 60 guests and starts from 19:00 all through sunset.

The most intimate candlelit indoor bar and dining area holds up to 80 people and comes alive from 23.00 with classic hits and funky tunes drawing inspiration from the nature and nostalgia of the region. This rustic yet sensual cosy and luxurious atmosphere makes it a first-of-its-kind destination on the island.

To accompany the culinary journey the guests can enjoy the Sound of Zitya, a curated music experience with an eclectic selection from the alternative Mediterranean scene; a diverse mix of Spanish Balearic Greek and Arabic artists who blend traditional Gypsy music and captivate the nostalgia and tradition from the vibrant spirit of Ibiza.

The whimsical tapestries, bold colours, ornate furniture and eclectic art make it a place of pure passion and excitement ideally designed to celebrate private dining and events.